MONA/Future Nature EP(1999)


GiRLPOP歌手としてアルバムを2枚残している諸岡菜穂子のコロムビア移籍後に唯一制作されたEP。名義は、「も」ろおか「な」ほこだから「MONA」。ソニー時代とは打って変わってクールなイメージを売りにしたかったのだろうか、ジャケもMISIAかな? という感じだし内容も90年代当時のR&Bだが、ポップスとしての親しみやすさが残されており、もう一味あれば名盤になっていたかも…という評価ができる1枚。元COSA NOSTRAの佐々木潤がプロデュースと作編曲を担当。
1曲目のちょっと気怠いカッティングとスライドギターがナイス。またストリングスが綺麗で良質なラインを描いているためか、単なる量産系R&Bから逃れることに成功しており、R&Bなのにメチャクチャポップに聞こえる、という不思議な曲。2曲目はよりHip-Hopに接近しており、ドラムの音も今聞くとLofi-Hiphopのようだが透明感のあるエレピが幻想的で水感があります。3曲目はrei harakamiによるリミックスであり、後のベスト盤にも収録されておらずこのCDでしか聴けないというレア音源。なのでシングル盤4曲なのに緩急あって結構聴き応えあり。

01.Good-Bye Future(作詞:猫沢エミ 作編曲:佐々木潤)
02.水際の人魚姫(作詞:MONA 作編曲:佐々木潤)
03.Good-Bye Future REI HARAKAMI remix
04.Good-Bye Future radio edit.

This is the only EP of Nahoko Morooka after she moved to Columbia, where she has released two albums as a GiRLPOP singer. The name is "MONA" because it is "MOrooka NAhoko". Produced and arranged by Jun Sasaki, formerly of COSA NOSTRA.
The first song has a nice languid cutting and slide guitar. The strings are clean and have a good line, so the song is not just a mass-produced R&B song, but it sounds like a pop song even though it is R&B. The second song is more like Hip-Hop, and the drums sound like Lofi-Hiphop now, but the transparent electric piano gives it a fantastic, watery feel. The third track is a remix by rei harakami, and it is a rare track that can only be heard on this CD, not even on the later best of albums. So even though it's just four songs on a single disc, it's quite worth listening to because of its rapid pace.
So, I can't judge it as city pop, but there are a certain number of people who wish that Nahoko Morooka had left behind songs with more funk and R&B elements, so it has high value as an item for such people. I've only seen it once or twice on Amazon or Suruga-ya in the past four or five years, so I'm guessing there's almost no stock of it in circulation. At that time, the price ranged from 500 to 2,000 yen.
By the way, it seems that he is still active, and his Instagram and Twitter are updated as usual.





light mellow部

Author:light mellow部
輝かしい70~80年代の名盤の影で完全にエアポケットと化した90~00年代産シティポップ。ブックオフとかハードオフで9割引きみたいな値段で売られてるCDを執拗に堀漁る重箱の隅みたいなブログです。似たような趣味の人達の集まり共同で書いてます。たまにイベントもやります。名前は、音楽ライターである金澤寿和さんの提唱する「Light Mellow」の概念を拝借しました。

City pop from the '90s and '00s that has completely become an air pocket in the shadow of the glorious '70s and '80s classics. It's a blog like a corner of the box where I relentlessly dig for CDs that are sold at 90% off at Bookoff or Hard Off. It's a group of people who have similar interests and write together. Occasionally we have events. The name was borrowed from the concept of "Light Mellow" advocated by music writer Toshikazu Kanazawa.