There is a field of gymnastics music collection for kindergartens, nursery schools, and elementary schools. Most of the content is a collection of nursery rhymes for children, but very rarely, some mistakes have mixed in the original city pop songs. This work is a masterpiece that contains 4 good songs such as "Dreaming Alice", "White Jazz Dancer", "I like dancing", and "Fantasy World", so if you see it in a cheap band, definitely buy it.Especially, "Dreaming Alice" and "White Jazz Dancer" are wonderful, and the iron-walled kids disco number is reminiscent of Meiko Nakahara and Ami Ozaki in the fusion period. There are many composers and arrangers, and it is also characteristic to appoint writers of a category that is relatively unfamous when written briefly.This kind of gymnastics music began to attract attention among digger from around 2017 (as far as it can be confirmed on the Internet). Perhaps even before that, there was talk of hearing between diggers, but it seems that the digging has only begun only recently. There is no sound source for audition on Youtube, and there is almost no site where you can check the credit of the song, so there is no way but to buy it and listen to it.
By the way, Kenichi Shirono and Kiyoko were pioneers in this field, and they were energetic people who frequently visited the scene as recording music recordings and choreographers in various places.






light mellow部

Author:light mellow部
輝かしい70~80年代の名盤の影で完全にエアポケットと化した90~00年代産シティポップ。ブックオフとかハードオフで9割引きみたいな値段で売られてるCDを執拗に堀漁る重箱の隅みたいなブログです。似たような趣味の人達の集まり共同で書いてます。たまにイベントもやります。名前は、音楽ライターである金澤寿和さんの提唱する「Light Mellow」の概念を拝借しました。

City pop from the '90s and '00s that has completely become an air pocket in the shadow of the glorious '70s and '80s classics. It's a blog like a corner of the box where I relentlessly dig for CDs that are sold at 90% off at Bookoff or Hard Off. It's a group of people who have similar interests and write together. Occasionally we have events. The name was borrowed from the concept of "Light Mellow" advocated by music writer Toshikazu Kanazawa.