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Christmas 4: Enjoy Christmas in quena(2003)
quena is a vertical flute that originated in Peru and Bolivia in South America.The somewhat continental tone is often used in spectacular background music for NHK documentaries, which is a far cry from the light mellow musicianship.The Christmas songs on this cheesy cover CD focus on quena performance.For the most part, the musicianship is as good as you can imagine.But the first track, "Silent Night (Jazz Version)" is worth a listen.quena free-spirited performance, which doesn't follow the piano model at all, is bizarre in itself.The second track, "Sheep for the Herdsman," has quena ramping up over an easy four-beats DTM.It's an ambitious work that incorporates quena into jazz and dance music. This CD seems to be one of a series, but I can't search for it, so I don't know the whole story at all.Naturally, the performer is unknown.






light mellow部

Author:light mellow部
輝かしい70~80年代の名盤の影で完全にエアポケットと化した90~00年代産シティポップ。ブックオフとかハードオフで9割引きみたいな値段で売られてるCDを執拗に堀漁る重箱の隅みたいなブログです。似たような趣味の人達の集まり共同で書いてます。たまにイベントもやります。名前は、音楽ライターである金澤寿和さんの提唱する「Light Mellow」の概念を拝借しました。

City pop from the '90s and '00s that has completely become an air pocket in the shadow of the glorious '70s and '80s classics. It's a blog like a corner of the box where I relentlessly dig for CDs that are sold at 90% off at Bookoff or Hard Off. It's a group of people who have similar interests and write together. Occasionally we have events. The name was borrowed from the concept of "Light Mellow" advocated by music writer Toshikazu Kanazawa.