瀬戸朝香 / to Love (1996)


さて、肝心の中身だが、①「Born To Love You」が抜群に良い。井上ヨシマサのアレンジによる軽めのデジタルファンクは、ボイスサンプリングを多用することで適度なヒップホップ感を演出しており、大沢伸一が手掛けた荻野目洋子の楽曲のような硬質でポップな雰囲気を持っている。作曲は、昨年LPの再発が話題になった姉妹ユニットMILKの宮島理恵ことM Rie。彼女の手掛ける楽曲は、ともさかりえの「Good for us!」もそうだが、歌謡曲的にキチンとサビで殺してくれるのでとても信頼できる。当時、瀬戸朝香が実際に出演していたコーセーやカネボウなんかのコスメCMに使われていたら、とても映えただろうな…なんて妄想してしまいたくなるキャッチ―さ。瀬戸朝香のヴォーカルは決して上手とは言えない(そしてド下手でもない)のだが、曲のリズムにうまく乗れず少しモタついたような歌い方をしており、そこに、逆にファンクネスを感じる…とまで言ってしまうと褒めすぎだろうか。とにかく名曲。
①Born To Love You (作詞:小室みつ子/作曲:M Rie/編曲:井上ヨシマサ)
②記念日 (作詞:瀬戸朝香/作曲:羽場仁志/編曲:末光 亮)
③I’m In Love (作詞:小室みつ子/作曲・編曲:大坪直樹)
④YOUR SLAVE (作詞:中山加奈子/作曲:太田美知彦/編曲:末光 亮)
⑤White (作詞:大本友子/作曲:高橋 研/編曲:新川 博)
⑥素顔のラブ・レター (作詞:中山加奈子/作曲:野下俊哉/編曲:新川 博)
⑦どうして? (作詞:小室みつ子/作曲:増本直樹/編曲:大坪直樹)
⑧聖(イブ)夜 (作詞:中山加奈子/作曲・編曲:井上ヨシマサ)
⑨離さない 離せない (Age 20 バージョン) (作詞・作曲:西脇 唯/編曲:新川 博)
⑩So Sweet Pain (作詞・作曲:山口由子/編曲:大坪直樹)


Actress Asaka Seto's second album.

Naoki Ohtsubo(a member of 90s city pop band Selfish),Hiroshi Shinkawa and Yoshimasa Inoue of the participated as arrangers. In addition, the VOCALAND crew member Tomoyo Yoshida is in charge of the chorus.
The familiar CD Journal mini-reviews praised the album as "stylish and artistic sound world" and "very sophisticated vocal work" (CD Journal tends to foul-mouthed CDs released by actresses and idols, so it can be said to be a very high rating).

As for the content, ①"Born To Love You" is outstandingly good. The light digital funk, arranged by Yoshimasa Inoue, has a moderate hip-hop feel with heavy use of voice sampling, and has a hard, pop vibe similar to Shinichi Osawa's Yoko Oginome's songs. M Rie, known as Rie Miyajima of the sister unit MILK, whose reissue of the LP last year was a hot topic of conversation, and her songs, like Tomosaka Rie's "Good for us! If Asaka Seto had been used in cosmetics commercials for companies like Kose and Kanebo, in which she actually appeared, it would have sounded great... and it's a catch that makes you want to fantasize about it. Asaka Seto's vocals aren't very good (and she's not terrible at it either), but she doesn't get into the rhythm of the songs well and sings in a way that makes them seem a bit rambunctious, and it would be too much of a compliment to go so far as to say that there's a funkiness to it... Anyway, it's a great song.
And after the second song... unfortunately, there was not a single song that I could introduce. If you can find it for less than 500 yen, it's worth buying.
Also, before I posted the blog, I did a search for "Asaka Seto" and came up with a mysterious search candidate for "how to make a mask for Asaka Seto". It seems that he has a blog about how to sew handmade masks on his own, so I'll post a link to it. If anyone wants to make a mask, please read on. (Mr. F.)






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輝かしい70~80年代の名盤の影で完全にエアポケットと化した90~00年代産シティポップ。ブックオフとかハードオフで9割引きみたいな値段で売られてるCDを執拗に堀漁る重箱の隅みたいなブログです。似たような趣味の人達の集まり共同で書いてます。たまにイベントもやります。名前は、音楽ライターである金澤寿和さんの提唱する「Light Mellow」の概念を拝借しました。

City pop from the '90s and '00s that has completely become an air pocket in the shadow of the glorious '70s and '80s classics. It's a blog like a corner of the box where I relentlessly dig for CDs that are sold at 90% off at Bookoff or Hard Off. It's a group of people who have similar interests and write together. Occasionally we have events. The name was borrowed from the concept of "Light Mellow" advocated by music writer Toshikazu Kanazawa.